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New blog!

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Hi there,

I’ve made a new blog, from now on I’ll be using: NEGISA.WORDPRESS.COM.

Thanks 🙂

Tape: Mac Miller – Macadelic + European Tourdates

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I didn’t know what to expect from this tape, to be honest I haven’t listened to a lot of new Mac Miller lately. But this is actually pretty nice. Specially now the weather in the Netherlands is getting better and better I need a tape that I can listen to while enjoying life in the park. ”Macadelic” is the perfect tape for that:

Date    City Venue Country
05/24/12 London HMV Forum United Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
05/25/12 Manchester HMV Ritz United Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
05/26/12 Birmingham HMV Institute United Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
05/27/12 Bristol O2 Academy United Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
05/29/12 Brussels Ancienne Belgique Belgium
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
05/30/12 Paris Le Casino de Paris France
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
05/31/12 Paris Le Casino de Paris France
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
06/01/12 Amsterdam Melkweg Netherlands
Time: 8:00pm.BUY TICKETS
06/02/12 Amsterdam Melkweg Netherlands
Time: 8:00pm.


Pac Div – Posted

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Dope vid, dope song … need I say more?

Common – Blue Sky

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I already loved the single, such a powerful song with beautiful lyrics by Common and a nice beat by NO I.D. to go with it. Now there’s also a video which really suits the song:

Here’s also a short clip where Common talks about the video and about the meaning of the song:


Afrikaaps was splendid!

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Dear readers…a while ago I went to a play/hiphopera called ”Afrikaaps” (a Glasshouse production) in Amsterdam. I want to share this experience with you guys but really words can’t describe how lovely this play was. Afrikaaps is about the history and value of Afrikaans in South Africa. I really can say that I’ve actually learned a lot from the play. Language is very important and we all find a part of our identity and culture in our language. Afrikaaps shows the meaning of the Afrikaans in the way it’s being spoken in everyday life in Capetown (hence the name Afrikaaps) and not the way it’s being spoken on television or radio etc. It focuses on the way Afrikaans has evolved to Afrikaaps.
During the play the audience got to know the different inhabitants of Capetown and their influence on the language. The history and also the present day use of Afrikaaps is shown to us during the play by the actors, bit of documentary and music. From Goema to hiphop and jazz, from singing and rapping to dancing … it’s all there. I’m also glad they showed us translation of what is being said during the play, that way I could really connect since I don’t understand Afrikaaps. Alongside the South African cast of Jitsvinger, Blaq Pearl, Bliksemstraal, Moenier Adams, Jethro Louw, Emile Jansen, Kyle Shepherd and Shane Cooper there also were two dutch MC’s Akwasi and Def P. All of them did such a wonderful job and it seemed as if parts of the play were freestyled which of course wasn’t the case but their connection was that natural and real. I was really impressed by the talent of the South African cast, they’re famous back home but for me they were new. I wish that I went to see Afrikaaps during the beginning of their tour in the Netherlands because then I could visit the play once more. I enjoyed the way they mixed different tools in their play without making it boring or too difficult for the audience to follow. I’m glad I went to Afrikaaps, it was a play worth watching and the hard work of everybody who worked on the hiphopera really paid off.

Here are a few songs of the play, just to give you a better impression of what I saw:

Mac Miller live @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

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Hello, Hello!
I just got home from Mac Miller’s performance in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. It was such a nice evening, the vibe was positive and it looked like Mac enjoyed performing here. I’m still flabbergasted by the fact that this 19 year old guy’s show was sold out. Guess hard work really does pay off. The audience loved him, it seemed as if they knew all his songs by heart. I filmed a few songs with my phone and my brother took pictures. You can see the vids & pics below:

Pictures made by Hazjikidee:

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Loungin Wit My Cru

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I love this track!
Everytime I feel stressed out I just press play and let Cru bring me back to chill mode.